First thank you for the new release, it is brilliant.
second sorry for my english or if my post is misplaced
I have been searching for some time now and i cannot find any information related to the command
in backtrack 5 r2.
In the forum, in the web...
I was used to use it to solve some video issues in older versions
So i tryed "xconf" and "Xconf" and got the following message back
No command "xconf" found, did you mean :
Command "dconf" from package "dconf" (universe)
Command "qconf" from package "gridengine-client" (universe)
Command "xconq" from package "xconq"
xconf: command not found
But i am pretty sure that i was using the command "xconf" in older versions (3 and 4). Am i already brainless or the xconf command has been removed or has a new syntaxis?
Thank you again for the amazing work that you are doing