Hi, i use backtrack 5 r2 as the only os on my laptop (toshiba satellite l500-21r), there is problem with x server, connection to it keeps losing and i have to "startx" again to get back to gui, i really couldn't limit this with a specific action but there is a big possibility that this happens when i navigate from a window to another, like if am working on terminal and suddenly switch to chrome window, or navigate to dolphin, the possibility of losing connection with x server goes high if i spend more time in a window before navigating to another, ex: if terminal and chrome are opened, and i work on terminal 5 min then navigate to chrome there is possibility that x server connection will be lost, but this possibility will be higher if i work 15min on terminal before navigating
by the way this problem occurs in more than 95% of times if i navigate to a video (no matter what player is used) after spending more than 10m working on terminal or chrome, also connection will be lost 100% of times if i stay on terminal window more than 20min (like updating system) then suddenly click on pre-opened chrome window, dolphin or kplayer!
note: my system is always updated, i always do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade commands.
is there a solution for this x server? i really got sick of it!!!