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Thread: apt-get install libssl-dev failing

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    Wink Re: apt-get install libssl-dev failing

    Quote Originally Posted by sashkom View Post
    I found solution to the problem!

    After that "apt-get install libssl-dev" should be working.

    This solved the problem for me!
    Thanks to samiux!
    added the new rep info, updated apt-get.... worked without a hitch!! AWESOME. This is the answer to the 10 hours of frustration i spent trying to purge/autoremove then re-add everything in the distro! I made this account just to voice my thanks! (seriously haha)

    Sashkom & samiux ~/ +10 internets!!!

    P.S. Why is the default repo throwing broken package errors anyways? bad compiling? curious...

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    Default Re: apt-get install libssl-dev failing

    I need a newer version of cmake than the one that I get when I do apt-get cmake without any changes in /etc/apt/sources.list
    I will try the above mentioned fix for getting that
    I also need a debhelper version >=9. The one that is supplied with backtrack version r3-32 bit KDE is only version 7. I have tried editing sources.list with deb sources without getting this to work, using wheezy main inserted into the sources.list, unsuccessfully.

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