I am using VMware Workstation, build 7.1.3 and I left BT5 R2 to download overnight at work (which we all use), however, I am not able to open the .vmx file. This is the error I'm getting.
Invalid configuration file. File "C:\Documents and Settings\alt\VMs\BT5R2-GNOME-VM-32\BT5R2-GNOME-VM-32.vmx" was created by a VMware product with more features than this version of VMware Workstation and cannot be used with this version of VMware Workstation.
Cannot open configuration file C:\Documents and Settings\alt\VMs\BT5R2-GNOME-VM-32\BT5R2-GNOME-VM-32.vmx.
Any idea how I can modify the VMX file to still somehow work? I was already getting 30 kb/s (sucks hard!), and I don't want to have to revert to waiting another day to download the ISO file.