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Thread: realtek wireless nic not capturing wpa handshake

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    Default realtek wireless nic not capturing wpa handshake

    I am using a compaq presario laptop that has a realtek wireless driver on it that uses the firmware rtl8192ce, for some reason it's not capturing the handshake. I launched some deauthentication attacks which successfully kicked the client off of the AP forcing it to re-connect but when it connects successfully the wpa handshake was not captured, I tried it again with my zd1211rw usb wireless nic and the wpa handshake was captured. what is the problem with my realtek card, is it incompatible or would you say is it not a great choice for aireplay-ng type stuff. I also want to know if the firmware will support injecting with a little research i was thinking this might be a possibility as to why it's not working but not completely sure.
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