Hi all,

So I am testing out a fresh install of Backtrack 5 R2 KDE 32-bit and I ran into an issue with nmap/zenmap.

I ran Zenmap once and scanned a host on my network. Everything went smooth on that first scan. I decided to scan again but using a different set of options and I get this error:

route_dst_netlink: can't find interface "wlan1"

Keep in mind that my wlan1 interface is working fine since I managed to scan my network the first time. Has anyone else ever ran into this error? What can I do to fix this?

I mentioned nmap because the same exact error pops up whenever I try use it.

My wireless card is a TP-LINK WN722N v 1.8, if that helps.

Please note that I haven't changed any important configuration files, settings, or anything that has anything to do with the system's configuration.