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Thread: BT5 R2 kernel not updated

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    Default BT5 R2 kernel not updated

    Evening folks, I run a netbook with BT5 R1 on it, which I love. I saw the R2 release and followed the instructions on the site (but before they were updated, and didnt install BeEf immediately) - followed to the letter but the kernel is still showing as 2.6.39 rather than the new one. Everything else worked, repositories added & new programs installed just fine.

    uname -a shows the 2.6.39.

    Have I missed something? Or done something stupid....(which is quite likely...).


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    Default Re: BT5 R2 kernel not updated

    I have the same problem
    when I tried it it just said 0 packages needs to be installed
    I installed all the updates and other programs in the tutorial and still after a apt-get-upgrade and reboot
    uname -a shows the 2.6.39.

    any ideas?
    I really want to upgrade from my current version without having to reinstall all my other software

    I am running a kde 32bit BT5r1 on vmware that I added some coding tools ect.

    Also found this in
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    Default Re: BT5 R2 kernel not updated

    I did the following:

    apt-get install linux-image-3.2.6

    It seems to have worked is there any other packages that should have been installed to?

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