Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum. I have researched for many hours on how to correctly install Nvidia Drivers for the GT540m and have come to the conclusion (after seeing many posts about this) that the Nvidia drivers with Optimus tech is not supported and/or will not work with BT5 or linux in general. I looked into bumblebee and pyrit and CUDA tool kit (i did successfully install bumblebee, lost with pyrit and the CUDA toolkit); however, since seeing and reading so many different forums and websites and tutorials, it is unclear to me on how to do the installations of pyrit, CUDA toolkit and Nvidia drivers correctly and without hiccups. I have tried installing the Nvidia drivers in many different ways and I always run into a problem with not being able to startx and other errors. I have an Acer Aspire with a hybrids graphics system with an i5 processor. I do not want to play any games or do any graphic designs etc, I would be utilizing the GPU for BT5 features (WEP, WPA2 cracks, etc). Could anyone possibly guide me in the right direction with how to correctly install and configure the Nvidia drivers, pyrit and the CUDA toolkit. I am getting a little confused on how to do so correctly.