Hi all,

After messing around with this card for a couple of days on Backtrack 5 R1, I have cobbled together the following script from various sources to auto set-up this card. The first half is lifted direct from g0tm1lk's post here (thanks g0tm1lk):


The rest of it changes the reg set, increases txpower to 30 and sets it to monitor mode.

Hope it helps somebody. My card is wlan2 so you may need to change this.

airmon-ng check killall
ifconfig wlan2 down
rmmod rtl8187
rfkill block all
rfkill unblock all
modprobe rtl8187
rfkill unblock all
ifconfig wlan2 up
ls -l /sys/class/net/wlan2/device/driver
lsmod | grep -i rtl8187
ifconfg wlan2 down
iw reg set BO
iwconfig wlan2 txpower 30
ifconfig wlan2 up
airmon-ng start wlan2

Just plug in usb, run script and card will be in monitor mode at full power. Wait a couple of minutes and run aireplay-ng-9 test - shows working.

BTW, my trusty old 500mw awus036h and onboard AR9285 still get better 'hit rates' for injection tests. Anybody have any clues how to increase this? I am using the standard BT5 R1 drivers.