Alright, so I'm a novice coder at best, and I don't really know much about DLLs. I know PWDump isn't exactly a Backtrack package, but I figured this group would be the best place to ask questions. My question is if someone can point me to a method for compiling PWDump as a single executable instead of generating dependent DLLs. I know you can use ILMerge to do things like this, but I've found that tools like this tend to create an exectable that extracts the libraries on the fly, dumping them to memory, and causing a lot of detection systems to throw alarms when signatures are detected.

So, while I know it is "bad practice" to program in such a way, is it possible to take the PWDump source provided from, modify the Visual Studio/compiler/linker settings, and make a bundled *.exe that doesn't have external binary dependencies? If someone could walk me through this, that would be great.

*Note - I'm using this for password auditing within an approved environment, NOT for nefarious purposes.