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Thread: "db_connect error" when using metasploit with back-track 5 R1

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    Default "db_connect error" when using metasploit with back-track 5 R1

    im trying to use postgresql-8.4 which is installed of course on back track, and my issue startes when i run the command-" /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.3 start" it doesnt show any output saying that it is starting it just goes to another "root@bt~#" prompt. so then, when i run metasploit and try to issue the command "db_connect postgres:toor@" i get an error saying that db_connect failed to connect to the server , is it accepting tcp/ip connections on port 5342 etc... i have a feeling that it has something to do with postgresql not starting up right or not at all. i run the "db_services" command and it says that im using postgresql, same when i run "db_driver" says im using postgresql. but why doesnt it connect? i need advice

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    Default Re: "db_connect error" when using metasploit with back-track 5 R1

    toor is not the password for the postgres user. I'm not sure what is, I'm running into a similar problem now.


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