I need help. I have a Macbook pro Quad core (2.2/8gb ram/750gb hdd). I have went through tons of forums on the Internet, but none of them seemed to be updated for the current Backtrack 5R1, or the question of getting it to correctly work on the MBP. Can anyone help? I don’t have a USB Dongle, and I want to be able to use the internal airport extreme wireless of the MBP to use BT 5R1. I have downloaded Backtrack 5R1 onto VMWare Fusion, and got it up and running, but to no avail. It keeps recognizing my card as a Ethernet connection. Kismac wont recognize the card either. So what I am asking for is this:

1. The proper “download method.” for Backtrack 5R1 to my MacBook Pro. (YES I AM WILLING TO RE-DOWNLOAD BT 5R1). The Complete process from start to finish, UP TO DATE, from someone who has done this using an MBP Running Lion OSX.

2. The proper tweaks, settings, or commands to get my airport extreme wireless card to work (it is BROADCOM 4331 I think). The wireless connection I need to use the tools on both Backtrack 5R1 and Kismac. I mainly need to test WEP cracking on my network for security.

3. The difference between running BT 5R1 on VMWARE Fusion and running from downloading it directly to the MBP, if there is, How to download it directly to the MBP, if possible. I would really appreciate this thorough help!