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Thread: [Help] Dual Boot Lion OS X & Backtrack 5 R1

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    Default [Help] Dual Boot Lion OS X & Backtrack 5 R1


    I just bought my 1st Macbook Pro ever (MBP 13) & am enjoying every bit of it. Now I want to install Backtrack 5 R1 in a new partition as I want to keep both these Os's. The problem is that am new to both Mac & Linux so I'd really appreciate if someone can provide me with step by step instructions of installtion as I don't want to self experiment & screw up my new machine.


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    Dude, dual booting a Mac is a pain in the ass for people who use both operating systems all the time. It's best to either pick up an old windows based laptop off fleabay, or run backtrack in a virtual machine. It's stupidly easy to bork the whole machine and you'll end up having to reinstall the os. If you really want to test fate, have a look at the similar threads at the bottom of this page.
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