Hi Guy's !

I just need some advise how to start the Backtrack with this Edimax Cardbus, i hope some expert user of linu will know what should i do ,
and if is possible could you start from the backtrack cd burning under windows , i seriusly want to learn this linux ,i just heard good things ,so this is the big time. If i not getting anserw in 24 hour i gona bring back this Wlan Cardbus and get a proper one. thx again ,and of course if u have any question about memberships anykind of websites just let me know , i have a friend who can do something for u .

have a good day !

card info :

Edimax 802.11g EW-7108PCG man:1814 dev:0201 Ralink rt2x00 green
Driver available

Edimax 802.11g EW-7108PCG Ralink rt2x00 grey Driver available