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Thread: not sure where to post....

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    Default not sure where to post....

    hello my name is ironleg( not my real name of course), I thought I would introduce myself. I am a NoOb at linux so bad that I squeek when even saying the word. my eyes glaze over like a deer in the headlights of a mac truck (I am sure PETA will not like that comparison, )
    I just finished taking the prometric CPTS (Certified Penitration Specialist exam and got a 38%. My friend said that was ok because he thoght I would be lucky to get 10%.( he did not know i had my lucky quarter with me and it may have helped). I have looked on the fourm for what type of linux to get to start with. I have been recommended to try gentoo, dsm, puppy, slackware, ect..
    I have downloaded the linux for dummies book but have not found a book for the termanaly comatose dummy. (me). I wanted to Introduce myself a little because i have a health factor involved as well, I have Epilepsy caused by an auto accadent and would like to learn CPTS to work from home for a company - Disability pay does not cut it for a family. so if anyone can point me in the right direction to start learning I wil be greatful. I will promice to ask many questions if not able to find on the forum, I am interested in only what is leagally allowed by a CPTS person who has a leagl permission to do as such. I am not interested in hacking the 63 year old nieghbor lady`s computer or webcam to see what she sends guys at the retirement home ~ shudder~. My goal is to make friends and to learn information from people who are experenced and very good at what they do. I am a family man who is starting over in the carrer field to accomidate my disability. I have experence in home technical support for the home user using MS operating systems through different companies. microsoft does not lead to the path of enlightenment ( good for gaming), so howdy to everyone. hope I dont sound like the NoOb that is lower than wale poop that sits on the bottom of the ocean. I do have a since of humor ( sort of as my wife says), and hope to hear from you with interesting suggestions,and of course the ocassional flaming because i know that comes with the territory.
    thanks! have a great day...


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    have a look here.

    We can be quite blunt here with our answers, but that generally means that you should have RTFM or RTFW or just used the search function, this is usually not meant to offend but as a wake up.

    Have fun, learn much and welcome to the wonderful world of BT

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    I am a NoOb at linux so bad that I squeek when even saying the word.
    LOL Thats funny
    Have a look through the Tutorial section. There should be a few things there of interest.
    Welcome to the Forum ironleg!!

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    Welcome to Backtrack ironleg and have fun learning BT2

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