So, I'm another newbie to this hacker distro; and unfortunately, I've encountered a problem which ought not to be supported by official BackTrack Team.
Yea, I've dist-upgraded my BackTrack 5 to maverick.
Well, I've enlarged my APT Cache-Limit, export PATH /root/.gem/ruby/1.9.2/bin & source ~/.bashrc
I've also successfully held all packages from official BackTrack repos from being replaced by Ubuntu maverick upgrades.
aircrack-ng, cmospwd, dnswalk, firefox, netmask, nikto, tcptraceroute...... even linux-image
And rubygems all works fine, no ruby was harassed by maverick in the end.
Finally, the dist-upgrade completed without any error message.
Then I rebooted joyfully into shell again, turned off wicd, and got my pppoeconf back.
What a fabulous day, I thought to myself.
The misfortune came along, however, with the command startx.
I found, hysterically, I couldn't apt-get update after entering my KDE, the DSL connection was gone!!
But it worked fine just a few seconds ago under shell before triggering any X......
Google and google and goooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.
Reluctantly, I got registered in your forum, for I've overheard that this is NOT a too much friendly community-- members will tease first before offering a hand.
Still comes this thread then, to confess my failure.

My question is, which program in KDE or X11 will block the pppoeconf connection by default?
I know you've tweaked the whole lucid into a sound and secure OS.
Though nothing wrong under shell why and where comes the problem after X(or maybe KDE)?

PS. Appreciated for anyone who is willing to help, to unveil my blindness. May the hacker gods bless you!! Amen!!