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Thread: VMVirtual box and USB Alpha card

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    Default VMVirtual box and USB Alpha card

    Have been trying to get BT5R1 in VM working with my Alpha card? iwconfig / airmon-ng etc doesnt show the card.

    Do I have to activate the USB card in the VM first? I have read conflicting directions (about booting BT up without USB connected? - which doesnt sound right).

    If I have missed something obvious pleas ebe gentle!!! I have used BT3+4 as bootbale USB, but VM is pretty new to me.

    Any help appreciated....


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    Default Re: VMVirtual box and USB Alpha card

    I had to run these commands to get mine working in vmware. first make sure it is enabled (VM > Removable Devices > connect the alpha)

    ifconifig to check devices
    lsusb to check if usb is connected
    airmon-ng to see interface
    modprobe rtl8187
    dmesg |tail -20 to see if driver is turned on, it will probably say radio off
    to turn on:
    root@bt:~# rmmod rtl8187
    root@bt:~# rfkill block all
    root@bt:~# rfkill unblock all
    root@bt:~# modprobe rtl8187
    root@bt:~# rfkill unblock all
    root@bt:~# ifconfig wlan1 up (or wlan0 if that's the case)

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    Default Re: VMVirtual box and USB Alpha card

    Vivek has a video series that details this, among MANY other things. Starts here:

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