my bluetooth dongle is a Rocketfish RF-MRBTAD.
my problem is that i manually installed bluetooth stuff, and may not have done it correctly. originally, when i open bluetooth manager, I get an error saying: "CONNECTION TO BLUEZ FAILED.Bluez deamon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue.". when i type "bluetoothd -u" in the terminal, it fixes that. But when i try to pair my headphones (motorola S805) it asks for a pin code, i type it in (0000) and then it says "failed to connect". I have confirmed it works in ubuntu 10.10 on a live cd with GNome. I need to get it working on backtrack 5 R1 installed on my laptop.
note: blueman, and blueZ are both installed.
also note: I am a new member. I have searched for help. I do not know what section to post in. Please be kind.