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Thread: how to install backtrack on pocket pc (ipaq)

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    Default how to install backtrack on pocket pc (ipaq)

    hi. i have been googling for weeks and found nothing, just general blabber.
    im not even sure if its possible, but ive seen linux installed on ipaq pocket pc, since backtrack is also linux, i figured its possible.

    how would one go about doing that ? i have ipaq 214 (i think).
    ive had experience with backtrack and linux in general and also windows, installing from usb etc..but never with pocket PCs.
    my pocket pc has only mini usb and SD card inputs. also bluetooth and wifi, but i doubt its any use when installing OS.

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    Default Re: how to install backtrack on pocket pc (ipaq)

    You can't. You can put linux on it, then maybe some of the apps, pretty sure kismet will work. If you really want a pocket linux device fleabay a sharp zaurus. I've had kismet running on one of those. I even got dragorn's spectools working on it.

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