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Thread: backtrack honeypot

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    Unhappy backtrack honeypot

    i know this is my false to make this thread, im really sorry because i dont know how to ask with one of moderator,
    how to make a honeypot with backtrack?
    is there any ways to make it? here is my topology, combine mikrotik as the prevention system and then make backtrack as honeypot
    dohhh,,, my english is very poor. the point is, i want to make backtrack as honeypot, because backtrack is cool and rarely used in my country

    again,, im sorry for this noob question n thread

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    Default Re: backtrack honeypot

    Well, BackTrack is intended to be a security suite. I suppose you could make a honeypot out of it, but I suggest going to There, you'll find info setting up & using honeypots with tools specific to that area.
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