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Thread: laptop screen looks as if its cracked on live cd boot(image inside)

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    Default [SOLVED] laptop screen looks as if its cracked on live cd boot(image inside)

    Hey guys, first of all sorry if im posting this in the wrong section as it's my first post.
    Im currently using an ASUS F8V Laptop.

    So recently i've been playing around with backtrack on virtualbox and im ready to have a dual boot install along with windows.
    I've tried installing both gnome and kde versions of bt5 but both have the same outcome.
    I have only tried installing 64 bit so far and not 32, but my laptop runs windows 7 64, so im assuming that it is surely powerful enough to run backtrack 64.

    So i get past the intial boot menu, select text mode and it then loads the files from /casper, switches to the loader with a background image for about 2 seconds and then does this:

    As you can see i've also tried hooking up an external monitor.
    Even if i switch the screen so the laptops is deactivated and the external activated, it will display that image regardless

    I've also tried booting it in safe mode and same goes

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers for reading

    -------------- SOLVED ------------
    big thanks to VulpiArgenti and Barry, whom both led me to the right place!

    had to use radeon.modeset=0 due to the gpu, i was under the impression that modeset was based on cpu(funnily enough) since people were talking about macs and intel boards
    nearly everywhere i searched
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    Default Re: laptop screen looks as if its cracked on live cd boot(image inside)

    Have you tried editing the GRUB command line before booting? For example, some Macbooks require "nomodeset", some Intels require "i915.modeset=1".
    If you search along these lines I suspect you will solve it.

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    Default Re: laptop screen looks as if its cracked on live cd boot(image inside)

    Isn't that laptop running an AMD video chip? Might need the drivers installed.
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