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Thread: metasploit | xmlrpc gone?

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    Angry metasploit | xmlrpc gone?

    Hello, I recently installed a fresh copy of BT5 on my machine, did a apt-getupdate, msfupdate, now when I run the msfconsole and try to load the xmlrpc plugin, it says it cannot be found. Upon doing a search I couldn't find it. Is there somewhere I can download it or anyway to get it back? Why did it leave in the first place?

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    Default Re: metasploit | xmlrpc gone?

    Metasploit no longer uses the XMLRPC, now uses the Message Pack (MSGRPC).


    msf > load msgrpc[*] MSGRPC Service:[*] MSGRPC Username: msf[*] MSGRPC Password: fy8Kd6OU[*] Successfully loaded plugin: msgrpc
    msf >

    (gdb) disass m(y_br)ain


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