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Thread: boot bt5 w/ Persistent usb

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    Default boot bt5 w/ Persistent usb

    So I'm trying to boot into bt5 w/ Persistent usb but it just says worker[195] did not accept message -1 connection refushed, kill it. I downloaded bt5 from the main site and i used unetbootin and universal usb to make bt5 bootable. I'm using a 4gb usb stick w/ 1722mb for persistent, any suggestions?

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    Default Re: boot bt5 w/ Persistent usb

    Just follow this guide here in the BT Wiki ->
    It works perfekt. But you need minimum a 8 GB USB.
    ASUS UL30A / BT5 x64 with KDE on HDD of course!

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    Default Re: boot bt5 w/ Persistent usb

    Ya i got around that but How can i update my wireless driver w/o internet access?

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    Default Re: boot bt5 w/ Persistent usb


    So i want to make a BackTrack persisten USB but I'm stuck while following the BT wiki !

    So I have a 8GB USB which is partionned like said (2500Mo to a vFAT 32 and the rest on ext3 ..), everything work until the rsync command (which works) !
    I have my BackTrack iso on my usb which is named : BT5R1-GNOME-64.iso
    I make the : syslinux /dev/sdc1 command (I'll explain you for the sdC later) and it gives me a ldlinux.sys file ! But I got no isolinux file or anything (except if the isolinux file is my iso of BackTrack : BT5R1-GNOME-64.iso).
    But if that's the case, I already tried the following command :

    root@root:/mnt/sdc1# cp -r BT5R1-GNOME-64.iso syslinux
    cp: writing `syslinux': No space left on device

    And it's kind of weird, why would we put a recursive option on a file (which is not a directory, even though a directory is a file on linux ...) ?!

    After what, I tried to figure out how syslinux work on his wiki :
    But I have to admit that I don't get where I mistake during the BT wiki ...

    So would you know what to do ?!

    Thanks !

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