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Thread: HP Dm4 2191us Black Screen

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    Default HP Dm4 2191us Black Screen

    Hello all,
    I just bought a hp dm4 2191us notebook. very nice laptop, and light. it's a 64bit laptop. I download the 64bit KDE one. I burn the iso to the usb and started it up. The splash menu came up quick and I choice the first option.
    Backtrack Text - default boot text mode.

    I started seeing all the letters go up quick but then it went all black. The usb light keep flashing, and notice it stopped after a while. I hit enter and couple times to see if something would come up. Well since I been playing with backtrack for a month I remember every time it finished loading all you had to do is type startx. Well sure enough I did that and the loading window came up and went right into the backtrack program. I seen the whole desktop like normal.

    Now my question is will it always do that with the black screen is that a bug in backtrack? if I load that on a dual boot will i get the same black screen all the time?

    the adapter tpye
    Intel(R) HD graphics Family Driver Version

    Any kind of help would be great. thanks!

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    Default Re: HP Dm4 2191us Black Screen

    Try to edit grub and add "i915.modeset=1" on the same line of "vga=792". See if that solves the issue.

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