Hey, newb here using backtrack2 and netgear WG511T. I installed my card in windows then rebooted into backtrack2 then went through the normal rigamarole and doing iwconfig to see what available interfaces. I see a new one after installing this card

So then I did airmong-ng start ath2 6

Bam everything is running fine. I ran into some problems doing packet injection so i decided to just quit everything type reboot and try again. I did so and come back go through the same steps but i don't see the card anymore. I see eth1 doesn't say the MAC address NOTHING. I do

airmon-ng start eth1 6

The list of interfaces and drivers show up I only have eth1 WTF.
And this driver is the Centrino ugh!!!!!!

So i grab the WAG511 drivers from wildpackets, even though they are not specifically for the card, install those in windows go back my business again still dont' see anything.

What the hell happened? Did i even install the wildpacket drivers correctly since I did them in windows and not linux? I am not a linux guy so I don't know too much about it, learning to navigate through backtrack now is hard enough.

I don't understand how the card is visible as an interface one minute and now its gone the next. Please advise. Thanks.