Hello all,

After searching around on google and a tech-help site or two, I've found that my laptop is unable to boot from it's CD drive or a USB drive, and I find myself wondering about how to install without either of those. I've noticed some people request for a backtrack version of wubi, but I've seen those casually dismissed, with stuff like "real BackTrack users don't use wubi". Well, why not? Although my experience in this area is limited, wubi is useful. But I digress. Without the option to boot from USB or CD, I need another option to use. Hmm... Or I could replace my current BIOS(that's where I think the problem is) with something a little bit more useful.. any recommendations? I'm even willing to open up this laptop myself, if that drastic of a measure is needed. This laptop is nearing it's replacement time(I'd give it about a year and a half), and if I broke something permanently, I would just have one more excuse to get a better one. Oh.. I apologize for rambling, I tend to do that a lot.