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Thread: Dual Wifi cards

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    Default Dual Wifi cards

    Hello guys

    I am doing a project where i will be monitoring how many users i can get to connect to my fake AP. I am using a EEEpc 1001px and need another wifi card.
    What i need to do is have two wireless cards that will be bridged and be used in a MITM "attack".

    Question #1

    Do you guys think an Alfa AWUS051NH would work out of the box alongside my built in atheros chipset (supports injection/mon mode), i mean will it for example show up as wlan0 and wlan1
    or is there alot of tweaking involved? I am a newbie when it comes to Linux.

    Question #2

    Ive been reading alot about bridging two wireless cards and it dont seem to be that easy, ive managed to bridge eth0->at0 in airbase-ng, no problems at all.

    What i tried to do:

    brctl addbr wifibridge
    brctl addif wifibridge at0
    brctl addif wifibridge wlan1
    can't add wlan1 to bridge mybridge: Operation not supported

    So i get that error, any ideas how to fix it? Is it even possible?

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    Default Re: Dual Wifi cards

    same problem here.. can someone please suggest if this is possible..please

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    Default Re: Dual Wifi cards

    If you had searched the forums, you would have found some threads about how to set up a fake AP and you would have found a thread about the Alfa AWUS051NH. And yes it works out of the box.
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