I've been trying to install the original nvidia driver on my backtrack 5 r1 copy (USB install by unetbootin, presistence 5gig, GNOME), but I just can't get the nouveau drivers to stop working or delete them. I've tried multiple solutions that i found using google and the documentation from the backtrack website but nothing seems to work. Closest I got was using sudo apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, it told me nouveau was deleted but when I tried to install the nvidia driver it just told me once again that it was unable to install due to nouveau running. I also tried to rmmod the modules used by nouveau but that doesn't seem to work either. ...nouveau modeset=0... doesn't seem to do anything either.
Some help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a 580gtx so I would really like to use cuda technology to speed up some stuff.

kindly regards,