Flames from a Seraphim... that doesn't happen every day

Dell Inspiron 1564

Hardware incompatibility with the:

Alfa AWUS036H external usb wireless modem.

I have spent several months trying to find out if BT 5 will work with the aforementioned modem and these are some of the answers I got:

BT Forum- "Works out of the box"

Aircrack Forum- "The Alfa AWUS036H will NOT work with BT5r1"

Alfa Homepage- "The Alfa AWUS036H works with BT 2 and 3 ... no mention of 4 or 5 but the driver is compatible with the Linux kernel 2.6 and onwards supposedly"

Various Linux forums- "make your own driver from scratch"..."use kudzu (this one was deleted soon after the poster put it up?)"..."use the network manager"..."there should be an option in wicd"..."modify the blacklist"...and a number of other responses that were essentially guesses.

Months of research and posting until a senior forum mod told me to give up the ghost and switch to a "friendly" Linux distro and do the pen testing from there using BT's same suite of pen testing programs. I did that and the alfa works fine... not a qualitative statement just factual.

I am aware the situation that Linux distros have with modems but making headway with the situation on a forum that takes weeks to screen posts was frustrating to say the least.

If anyone knows how to enable an Alfa AWUS036H on a Dell Inspiron 1564 with the BT5 distro I would like to know. If it is not possible then you can add it to the hardware incompatibility list.

If you don't know for certain please do not guess...I have spent months on that wild goose chase already.

I appreciate all feedback... even the flames Z/Z