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Thread: No Grub Problem

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    Default No Grub Problem


    I'm trying to reinstall bt5 I had previously installed bt5 before and worked fine but I just fresh installed window 7 again. Now when I try to reinstall bt5 on the hdd again, I don't see the grub menu anymore and just boot straight to window. I can't even get to bt5. I am installing from a live usb but after I install from the live usb the usb no longer gets recognize and I have to recreate the live usb. This is very confusing for me because no matter where I search I don't find anything similar to my situation (google, backtrack, linux forums, blogs). I've been at this for over an hour and it is getting a bit frustrating.

    I'm running a toshiba laptop model l355d-xxxx don't feel like looking at the bottom right now sorry but the model should be irrelevant because I had it installed and worked previously.

    Thank you.

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    MBR was written by the Windos Loader...
    You need to fix the Grub...
    You have 2 ways to do it.

    The simplest way is to download the Super Grub Disk 0.9 and burn it in a CD. Boot from it and select option to boot the GNU/linux.
    This grub Disk boot your linux partition, so in this case should boot up BT5 (Ubuntu)
    Then once BT5 is up, open up a terminal and type:
    sudo grub-install /dev/sda (Do not place the sdaX, no partition number, just the hdd, it could be sda, sdb, depending in your Hard Drives in the PC or laptop. Yours? It should be sda. To check, type fdisk -l and see if is a sda or sdb...Remember, you are interested in the sda or sdb, no sda1 or sda2 or sdb1, etc. Just plain sda or b.
    Once done the command before, reboot.

    It might not see the windows partition, but once booted to your BT5, open up a terminal and type:
    os-prober (it will search for OS in Hard drive, you should see the windows partition.
    Then type: update-grub2.

    Reboot again. You should see all OS, including Windows 7.

    Try it..The other method is thru Live CD, but is a little more complex...

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    Sorry late reply and also the obvious I fixed the problem with a wipe because I needed to use the computer, so I never got to try your method. But I noted down the steps and I'm gonna burn that program on a disk so next time if it happens again I'll just try it out.

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