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Thread: ERROR:gnome-panel failed to load applet OAFIID:GNOME

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    Default ERROR:gnome-panel failed to load applet OAFIID:GNOME

    Hello, So when I log into any user apart from root
    I get a grey screen, instead of backtrack logo and my taskbar becomes spammed with lots of icons saying "Starting File Manager"
    I get this error
    "gnome-panel failed to load applet OAFIID:GNOME "
    It asks me if i want to delete the applet.
    If I click yes, I dont get the error again but the grey screen and Starting File Manager spam is still their!
    I tried a solution offered online, in a terminal i typed
    sudo aptitude reinstall gnome-applets
    That didnt work, in fact now I get the starting File Manager spam even when I log in as root, (But my background stays normal)
    Online, I couldnt really find help except that A lot of Ubunutu users have this problem.
    The only things I've done to my backtrack are removing the nouveau packages to install the Nvidia drivers and installing Synaptic package manager and updating everything through synaptic package manager.
    Im running Backtrack 5 R1 dualbooted with vista
    My installation was through a USB
    Im still very new to linux, I hope you guys can help me
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