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Thread: crunch 3.2 released

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    Default crunch 3.2 released

    version 3.2 has the following features and bugfixes:

    adds -d to limit consecutive characters
    put correct function name into error messages to help with debugging
    fix Makefile: uninstall to remove crunch directory and install to install GPL.TXT
    removed flag5 as it wasn't needed
    if you press Ctrl-C crunch will now print where it stops so you resume piping crunch into another program

    Please note if you want long strings it will take crunch a while to start
    generating output: i.e.
    crunch 24 24 -d 2@
    will take a long time before output starts being generated. to speed up
    the process use:
    crunch 24 24 -d 2@ -s aabaabaabaabaabaabaabaab

    If you have problems please let me know.
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    Default Re: crunch 3.2 released

    Good news that now released

    I will be updating my blogpost on it within short to include the enhancements
    together with some examples.

    So far looking great !

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