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Thread: Screenshot in backtrack 5

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    Question Screenshot in backtrack 5

    I'm going to run(live boot) backtrack 5 on a system which doesn't have access to internet. how can I take screenshots?
    I know that "apt-get install gnome-utils" command needed installs tools but how can I install it on backtrack with no internet access(if there is no better solution)?

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    Default Re: Screenshot in backtrack 5

    Just use recordmydesktop features or download the required package on other internet connected computer and try again i think all of as have netconnection to use backtrack full features and its lightning speed

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    Default Re: Screenshot in backtrack 5

    Uh... Have you tried the PrintScreen (PrtSc) button of your keyboard?

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    You can take a screenshot from the command line:

    sleep 5; import -window root screenshot.png
    Note: you can change the sleep time to whatever you want

    Hope it helps.


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    Default Re: Screenshot in backtrack 5

    Download it from another PC and tranfser via usb ?

    Maybe you can use you phone as 3g modem for temporary internet connection ?
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