I've spent a couple of hours on this and I'm stuck. My background is in networking and not servers. I installed BT 5r1 on my home VMware server. Console works great but is a pain every time I want to work on BT. I installed packages vnc4server and tightvnc on BT and started the process. On my Win7 client, I have installed the viewers VNC and tightVNC. Neither will connect. Netstat -nap on BT shows that it is listening on port 5901. When I run Wireshark on Win7, it shows the clients trying to connect on 5900. BT responds with rst/ack and kills the connection. The clients do not have a config option for changing the port and I don't know how to do it in Linux. I don't care how I connect VNC, RDP, etc... what is the easiest way for a beginner to get a remote console?

Thank you.