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Thread: php/meterpreter !!

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    Default php/meterpreter !!

    i opened php/meterpreter session remotely on my pc

    but i can't do any kind of meterpreter commands

    any command i type it get error

    operation failed : 1

    dunno why !!?

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    Default Re: php/meterpreter !!

    You'll want to include significantly more detail about what commands you ran, and steps you took to get to said error. Without this background, those here who can assist you may choose not to or may not be adequately equipped with the proper information to do so.

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    Default Riferimento: php/meterpreter !!

    i up this discussion cause i have the same problem.

    when i have meterpreter session, i can't do any commands. "help" says nothing, and with all other commands the answer is the same "Unknown command". i tried all the basic command. examples:

    meterpreter > help
    meterpreter > shell
    [-] Unknown command: shell.
    meterpreter > run checkvm
    [-] This version of Meterpreter is not supported with this Script!
    meterpreter > run getgui -h
    [-] Error in script: NoMethodError undefined method `config' for nil:NilClass
    meterpreter > use incognito
    [-] Failed to load extension: No such file or directory - /opt/framework/msf3/data/meterpreter/ext_server_incognito.php

    after some seconds it says
    [*] Meterpreter session 1 closed. Reason: Died
    Failet to load ...... core_loadlib request

    i really don't know what to do.. can u explain me ?

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