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Thread: use of wpscan

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    Default use of wpscan

    WPScan – WordPress Security Scanner (from

    by Syed Alam

    What is WPScan?

    WPScan is wonderful and super fast wordpress vulnerability scanner written in ruby language, sponsored by RandomStorm and hosted by Googlecode. It provides you an easy way to penetrate wordpress blogs using blackbox techniques.

    How to use WPScan?

    One more thing we need here; is to download keywords database which will be used for brute forcing.

    gunzip darkc0de.lst.gz

    Example usage of this application :

    Do ‘non-intrusive’ checks…
    ruby ./wpscan.rb --url <URL>
    -confirms use of wordpress-

    Do wordlist password brute force on enumerated users using 50 threads…
    ruby ./wpscan.rb --url <URL> --wordlist darkc0de.lst --threads 50

    Do wordlist password brute force on the ‘admin’ username only…
    ruby ./wpscan.rb --url <URL> --wordlist darkc0de.lst --username admin

    Generate a new ‘most popular’ plugin list, up to 150 pages…
    ruby ./wpscan.rb --generate_plugin_list 150

    Enumerate instaled plugins…
    ruby ./wpscan.rb --enumerate p
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    Default Re: use of wpscan

    You can also find darkc0de.lst here:
    Have you...g0tmi1k?

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