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Thread: Hydra 7.1 failing with MySQL

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    Default Hydra 7.1 failing with MySQL

    I'm using win7 host and BT5r1 VM. Settings for the VM are: 4 cores, 4+ gig of ram, 35 gig HD. BT5r1 is fully updated.

    When I use Hydra for ssh or ftp, it works great. When I try it with MySQL it crashes immediately giving me errors like this:
    b6afc000-b6b01000 r-xp 00000000 08:01 403067     /usr/lib/
    b6b01000-b6b02000 ---p 00005000 08:01 403067     /usr/lib/
    bf890000-bf8b1000 rw-p 00000000 00:00 0          [stack]
    *** glibc detected *** hydra: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x087c1490 ***
    *** glibc detected *** hydra: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x087c1490 ***
    ======= Backtrace: =========
    ======= Memory map: ========
    08048000-0809a000 r-xp 00000000 08:01 654908     /usr/local/bin/hydra
    0809a000-0809b000 r--p 00051000 08:01 654908     /usr/local/bin/hydra
    0809b000-0809e000 rw-p 00052000 08:01 654908     /usr/local/bin/hydra
    b6cec000-b6ced000 r--p 00006000 08:01 655333     /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
    b6ced000-b6cee000 rw-p 00007000 08:01 655333     /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
    Obviously this is not right. So any help would be appreciated, since I need this for PWB...
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    Default Re: Hydra 7.1 failing with MySQL

    This is not really enough information to help. I'm going to also guess that this is not a BT bug, but rather a problem with hydra.
    I would suggest you check out any and all resources for hydra.
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