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Thread: Wireshark Running as user root and wireshark:17692

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    Default Wireshark Running as user root and wireshark:17692

    Hello all

    any one help me about this problem and when I opened and receive the post pocket in Wireshark for example facebook sign-in I am not receive any user and pw :-?? before update backtrack and install some program it was working and im tried sniffing my self , i got a username and pw but now I don't what happened to before update and install some progs juf i got this erro but now both if you"running as user "root" but when ijust i got massege

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    Default Re: Wireshark Running as user root and wireshark:17692

    I believe Wireshark has always given that warning dialog box if you're running as root. As to why you can't see Facebook credentials, I suspect that Facebook uses HTTPS on their login page (I'm not a Facebook user, so I don't know that for sure). Have you tried searching through your pcap file for several likely strings? Things like "user", "uname", "username", "login", "pw", "pass", etc.
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