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Thread: After dist-upgrade USB won't work

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    Default After dist-upgrade USB won't work

    Hi all
    I had a little problem. I've downloaded Backtrack 5 about yeat ago and installed about 3 months ago. So far I used command
    apt-get dist-upgrade
    After doing that USB won't work. When I insert USB key, LED lights but it won't appear in system. Have I uinstalled something important for using USB, or what's the problem.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English

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    Default Re: After dist-upgrade USB won't work

    I'm running 2 up-to-date installs of BT5 (GNOME 32-bit, one in virtual machine, and one dual-boot install). Never had any problems with USB drives. In my experience, apt-get dist-upgrade has never removed anything it shouldn't have. Have you verified the USB ports are ok, and that the USB key itself is working?
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