thanks, scamentology
in my country is forbidden too! and to me it's not! I made it a quick test for my curiosity! If I can tell you my impressions compared to 36h
I'm testing with and without compact driver (bt5r1vbox +32 +9)
-Dumping (wooowowhh) but the values ​​(distance-power) have a different "scale" which I think is not real (ex using reaver attack don't work) the same "network" with 36h I see them with another (distance -power) and reaver attack worked!!
-the injection pass the tests mon0. but if Shell 1 [airodumping] + shell 2[aireplaying] in my brief case did not work! [this is session-work]
-for "normal-connection" problem-I 've often I crash!
I understand a little! This is my little test! I'm glad to have tried and I thank you for sharing your knowledge!
After my test FOR ME the 36h (also at one watt [in my country-forbidden] is more real, stable, and gives me less headaches!
thanks again Zimmaro the g0at-brain