Hello all!

First, english is not my primary language so its way not perfect!

Okay. Im runing on my laptop windows 7 64 bit.
Now i installed Backtrack 5 too with dualboot. During the installation all gone easy.

But i just cant boot backtrack!
I turn my laptop on, choose backtrack then many lines apear and after some seconds it stops with this line:
"4.094320] fb: conflict fb hw usage nouveaufb vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver"

When i start the live-CD in the boot menu there is 2 time something with "text mode" or something..
when i run the first text mode i also get this error, the second one runs without problems!?

Of course i googled alot! But there no tuts i understand :/
I just found out that it could be a driver problem, i just downloaded the actual driver for my gfx-card for linux but i dont know how to install it.
This is first time im using Linux so im an absolute noob on linux so i hope here is someone who can explain me noob-friendly what to do with exact comands.

Here informations you may need:

Backtrack 5 R1:
64 bit
version: 2.30.2
Distributor: Ubuntu
Build Date: 06/25/2010
installed on HDD (in real its an SSD but i think thats not important)

Nvidia geforce gtx 570m

16 GB

intel core i7 (will edit the exact model if you need)

hope so much someone could help me!

nice greets