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Thread: extending a backtrack5 persistent USB to 64gigs

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    Question extending a backtrack5 persistent USB to 64gigs

    So obviously this forum is my last ditch effort at figuring this out.
    Iv got a Sandisk, 64 gig usb with bt5 on it. i want the entire drive to be used. Using the typical usb installers like the pendrive linux one, and unetbootin, only allows a certain amount of diskspace for persistence. Im pretty sure its possible to do over the command line but i have been unsuccessful thus far. Gparted and other partition managers have not allowed me to edit the partition because the entire drive gets partitioned during the installation process, but backtrack only uses the predefined amount of diskspace.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: extending a backtrack5 persistent USB to 64gigs

    make two partitions,
    one partition is

    /boot (500MB)

    and other is
    / (rest of available space)

    Both are ext4

    install backtrack

    find out uuid of the storage volume and create an entry for it in fstab so that it automatically mounts.

    That should be it (if I didn't forget anything)

    If you want more info, look here

    Read through the whole tutorial and make sure you understand what every command does. Only use the commands you need.
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    Default Re: extending a backtrack5 persistent USB to 64gigs

    nice, thats the article i originally started from. i read through it again and decided to just do it with encryption, i had to fight with a bunch of errors that i couldnt find documentation for but i finally got it. right now the problem is it boots up, gives me the terminal, but startx crashes. Im gonna go through the process again hoping i just missed something.

    Thanks for the help!

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