hi guys i have been googling for days now, i really wanted to solve this myself but i just cant seem to find the solution, hope you guys can help me out.

Information about my card
windows shows the following information:
RT73 USB Wireless LAN CARD
manufacturer: Ralink technology corp.
picture of the card: http://img.ps2netdrivers.net/img/9d/...w053/small.jpg

What i did
oke, i lookup the driver for my card on the website of ralink, Result: RT2501USB(RT73:RT2571W/RT2573/RT2671)

downloaded the file
tar'd the file
cd'd into the extraced folder
at this point i am supposed to do a ./configure ,however this directory is not present! so I got stock here and have no idea what to do

hope you guys can help me out.

thanks for your time.