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Thread: Crunch not working after installing cuda

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    Default Crunch not working after installing cuda


    I just installed cuda on my laptop with backtrack 5R1 32bit KDE, and everything seems to be ok.
    But when i try crunch with pyrit, to bruteforce my .cap file, crunch just "hangs".

    The command i use is:

    ./crunch 4 12 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | pyrit -r /root/capture-02.cap -e test -i - attack_passthrough

    it did work for a couple of times, but now it just hangs on:

    ./crunch 6 12 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | pyrit -r /root/capture-02.cap -e ARV7519031D56 -i - attack_passthrough
    Pyrit 0.4.1-dev (svn r308) (C) 2008-2011 Lukas Lueg
    This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3+

    Parsing file '/root/capture-02.cap' (1/1)...
    Parsed 5 packets (5 802.11-packets), got 1 AP(s)

    Picked AccessPoint 7c:4f:b5:03:1d:56 automatically...

    and doesn't do anything else...

    anyone got a idea what it could be ?!

    regards nextria
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