in virtualbox, running backtrack 5 as a virtual machine, it works (slow) but does not seem to show any mounted disks. ive went to /mnt and its empty.

what i would like to accomplish is the persistant usb install,

and i dont have a dvd burner, so im doing it through virtualbox instead of vmware which is what is suggested in that thread. however, when i go to vmware's site, in the downloads section, i have no idea what to download bc there is so many choices, and its not very obvious. i just want the vmware version of virtualbox, Gees.

anyway, so i boot backtrack up in vbox, and it doesnt recognize the usb drive that its supposed to install to.. in fact, it dosnt recognize any disk, at all. i typed "dmesg | egrep hd.\|sd." and it did not list a number of drives, but rather the same drive over and over in many different ways.

so basically, this means that i cant use vbox to install btk5 onto a thumbdrive, which is highly irritating especially since apparently the whole operation works for the guy using vmware.

so, this apparently isnt just backtrack related, other operating systems ive booted in vbox dont see any drives at all either.

anyone with the solution to this annoying mess, who has been there and knows whats wrong, please provide the solution. ive searched around and it seems like it's just me whos having this issue, which doesnt make sense. and jesus, must these captchas be sooo annoying...