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Thread: Simply script for wordlist - maximum file size

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    Default Simply script for wordlist - maximum file size - help!!!

    Hi all

    I'm trying to sort a big file(over 400mb) using the following script(very simple) for this task:


    for x in $(cat 'file.txt');
    do echo $x;
    done | sort | uniq

    That's all ok until I process file below 120 mb. If I try to process files more than this I got this:

    ./ xmalloc: ../bash/make_cmd.c:100: cannot allocate 4 bytes (2906546176 bytes allocated)

    I have a BT 5 KDE and a dual core with 4 Gb ram.

    I must admit that could be so simply(or not?) but I cannot found a good answer to this and tried many searches. Google included.

    thank you
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