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    Default WiFi Pineapple

    What are your guys opinions on this device? Is it worth the 100$ price tag if you're really interested in learning every thing there is to learn about wireless security.
    I have a wrt54g v8 AP running in my apartment building with no security and an SSID of "use_at_own_risk" and several people are still deciding to use this unsecured AP. I can't seem to sniff any of there traffic but im literly a baby when it comes to any of this wireless stuff. Im very good with linux.

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    Default Re: WiFi Pineapple

    If the router is not yours, you shouldn't mess with it. You shouldn't even connect to it, even though there is no security. Sniffing a AP that doesn't belong to you is considered an illegal activity and thus, it's discussion is not supported by this forums, according to the forum rules.

    As for the pineapple device, I can't give my opinion as I never owned one (except that 100$ seems too much for something you can create using a laptop, a wireless interface and the aircrack suite + some other tools). But I can tell you that any router should be enough for you to set up your own test lab. I have two relatively old speedtouch routers and both work great for testing purposes, letting me learn in a safe environment. I can create my "victims", set up services and exploit them without worrying about messing something up.

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    Default Re: WiFi Pineapple

    Apparently Darren uses this router:

    If you could find the software you could get it a little cheaper.

    This is the old version of Jasager, Darren's software is a little more capable.

    You could also look on hak5 forums if someone is willing to pass you a nvram copy of their pineapple.
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    Default Re: WiFi Pineapple


    While I don't approve of what you were talking about with regards to illegalities, I will tell you about my little piece of coding I developed a while back. It's called quickset and it will do everything the pineapple will do and more. Check it out at

    If you have any questions hit me up.

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