History: So, Ive been using bt 5 a while now on a desktop with an atheros nic that allows me to crack a few WEP passwords and do a few sql injection labs... This has been pretty simple and straight foward so far. Now my current problem is trying to get a Belkin FD7050 wireless dongle going on my laptop.

I just fresh installed BT5, and my adapter does not notice any networks.. so Im assuming that I need the drivers right? IWCONFIG tells me that it has a zd1211rw chipset... I kind of assumed it had a built in driver in BT5, but I guess not. After some research it appears Im going to need the RT73USB driver for this adapter.

Can someone please tell me step by step how to get and install the correct drivers to get this card working (with packet injection)?

Sorry, I know I'm really noob guys. I'm trying to learn linux from the ground up, and plan to be a contributing member of this community as I build up the knowledge.
Thanks in advance,