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Thread: Internal System Error when KPackageKit attempts to apply update "WhatWeb"

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    Default Internal System Error when KPackageKit attempts to apply update "WhatWeb"

    Hi there. I have a 64 bit, KDE installation of BackTrack 5 R1 on VMWorkstation 8.0.1. When I installed updates via KPackageKit, they all went through fine except for WhatWeb. The installer gets to about 50%, then I get a message box saying:

    An internal system error has occurred - KPackageKit

    The only details available are: /var/cache/apt/archives/whatweb_0.4.8-bt0_all.deb

    This problem is easily repeatable and searching the forums and Google has yielded nothing useful. I'm a BackTrack noob, so I'm not really sure which command outputs would help, but I will gladly add any to this thread that anyone would like to see.

    Also, this seems to be the same issue as this thread:


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    Default Re: Internal System Error when KPackageKit attempts to apply update "WhatWeb"

    You could try installing the previous version, on synaptic.
    Personally I know it has issues with the new version of Ruby that it's very buggy.
    Select "package" then "Force version" and a pop up will show with the available versions, you can choose the older version.
    Also if you install with synaptic will show the output of the error so you can troubleshoot and find out what went wrong.

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