I had a chance to play with this today. Very nice. One idea I had with this was to add a feature that takes a small list of keywords (locally relevant terms, phrases, business names, addresses, dates and custom lists like French if the enduser is from France etc...) and do some of the most basic functions in one go. I generally take the list and / leetify / upper and lower case / merge / clean / suffix and prefix the obvious (123, 123!, !, @ etc...) merge again / cleanup and add my custom lists to it. I know there are many different ways to do it but this technique has been pretty successful. I am running about 15-20% success rate on WPA and raise that a few points by using crunch to generate phone lists with the local area code and/or the area code of the owners hometown or provided cellphone number.

Its funny but pen-testing wireless is more fun than just telling the customer his password sucks (They always try to give it to me for some reason)